USA Exports to

Project name: USA Exports to
To meet the rising consumer demand for "USA" made goods and services by upper and middle income Chinese consumers. Yilaime has signed an agreement with the Ning Meishan Port Authority, Peoples Republic of China to develop a US Import Trade Center in Ningbo Meishan China.  The facility consists of 18,000 sq. ft. of exhibition, showroom, office space; and warehousing. Additionally, three Chinese language websites are being develop that focuses on the Chinese consumer. The Trade Center support by three US based trade centers across the USA exports goods and services in 5 core areas including agriculture products; airplanes and helicopters; hospital and heavy farm equipment, and other equipment; Americatowne developments, for senior care and child care; and other luxury and investment products.


Nanning China

Project name: Zhou Brothers International Art Valley 
To provide a world-class international cultural and leisure complex to support the nation’s and region’s objectives of developing and promoting the cultural industry to become a “national economic backbone industry.
Location: Guangxi ProvinceScale: 3,000 mu.


Project name: Dow Project
Negotiating to develop major chlorinated polyethylene rubber (also called CM elastomer) production facility on 1,500 mu of land in China using Dow based technology. Long term Chemical Facility Development Project will enable Jingxin to take a lead position in the elastomeric polymer, chlorinated polyethylene (CPE) production market within China.


Project name: AmericaTowne®
Build  AmericaTowne® Tourism Development and Trade Centers in China to meet the growing demand by citizens for more leisure and tourism opportunities.
AmericaTowne® takes advantage of the increased demand for tourism and leisure providing unique one of kind places for people to go spend their leisure time. In ten locations across China, each situated on 250 plus acres carrying the "made in the USA" tag.

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