The US, also frequently referred to as the United States, the U.S., the USA, or America, is made up of 50 states and a federal district, Washington D.C., where its national capital resides. The US also has several territories, including Puerto Rico in the Caribbean.

With its number of citizens estimated at just over 300 million, the US is the third largest country by population. It is also the third largest country by land area. Its economy is the largest of any country, with estimates putting its gross national product (GDP) at close to 23% of the world’s total.

The US population is considered very diverse relative to other countries -- one estimate puts the number of ancestry groups with more than a million members. Its most populous cities are New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Houston. The most populous states are California, Texas, New York, and Florida.



There is no national entrance exam that prevents potential students from attending college.

Based upon students’ interest and capabilities, students have the opportunity to select major studies of their choice, including law, medicine, business, science or many other major fields.

U.S. green card holders like U.S. citizens receive a tremendous savings in educational benefits. Tuition for international students can be almost three times as expensive as tuition for US residents.

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