Our mission is to help meet the demand for goods and services around the world.  

Our focus is on providing businesses around the world with franchise opportunities, agricultural products, equipment, fine art and fine wine, and services including financial, management, consulting, architectural expertise and information technology services.

We created and trademarked the “Americatowne™” and “AmericaStreet” Franchise Program.

The Franchise program provides a unique solution to a big challenge.

The demand for leisure and tourism activities in China is greater than the supply. Americatowne™ and AmericaStreet Franchise Program provides businesses, investors, and operators with franchise opportunities allowing  people in China a unique place to go like no other place in the world to spend their tourism and leisure time. 

The Problem - Restructuring China’s economy to maintain its growth and to ensure prosperity and social stability China’s government has made a strategic decision to restructure China’s economy rapidly moving from a manufacturing to a consumer based economy. In this new economy, delivering consumer products and services and leisure and tourism are critical. 

The Americatowne™ franchise in strategic locations provides tourist with 50 unique businesses, a 4 star hotel, a children's theme park, and 48 villas all fashioned after the American way, business, and life style. Actual businesses, hotels, theme park, and villas found in the USA can be found in AmericaTowne and AmericaStreet. In short, AmericaTowne brings a slice of America to China.   

In addition to owning the Franchise and trademark, we are the exclusive exporting agent for all AmericaTownes and AmericaStreets developed in China. 

We import and export of wine and fine art and provide technology and equipment to a number of customers around the world. Additionally, we provide consulting services in the area of technology management, and help companies participate in the Exim Bank funding program.

Prior to becoming the exclusive agent for AmericaTowne, under the banner of Yazzy’s Fine Art Corporation, the company imported, exported and sold fine art, wine and other items to customers in the USA, Europe and China. Primarily the corporation made sales through public auctions held on the Internet at Bid4assets.com and its own website and online store. The company held over 1,120 auctions on-line.

Management spent over two years in China developing the AmericaTowne concept and laying the foundation for AmericaTowne and AmericaStreet.